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Globe Thistle

Wednesday's Story

From the very tippy top…

Of the bloom, the first floret popped open with five tiny, light purple petals and stamen of white. I was oblivious at first to this metamorphosis taking place on my desk as this singular stem stood in its vase. What caught my eye to the tiny blooms appearing, I cannot say, but as it continued it fully encompassed the full sphere. To witness nature is a true blessing.

points of interest

Flower heads are spiky, metallic purple-blue spheres, maturing to bright purple as the florets open. Stiff, spiny leaves have wooly undersides and are widely spaced along stiff stems. Forms a clump and spreads by seed. It is beneficial to bees and a host plant for painted lady butterflies, but deer resistant!

general care

Naturally occurs in hot, gravelly, well-drained soil in full sun. Prefers poor soils so fertilization is unnecessary.

friday’s flower fact

Globe thistle is a wonderful cut flower as it adds a nice variety to any bouquet and can last for weeks. Also, it is a great flower for drying.

Common Names | Globe Thistle
Botanical Name | Echinops ritro
Family | Asteraceae
Type | Perennial
Origin | South Central and Southeast Europe to Central Asia
Zone | 3-9
Flower Height | 24”
Flower Diameter | 1-1¾”

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My garden

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cutting room floor

Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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