About Floating Petals

Red Shirley Poppy

Join us at Floating Petals, a site created to give moments of connection and to experience the wonder, mystery and breathtaking beauty of flowers. My twin passions: photography and flowers; let them infuse your days and weeks and enrich your year.

“Flowers speak to me. They speak to me of joy, memories, friendship, love, strength and renewal. They speak of life and the amazing celebration of all its bounty. Flowers have touched me. Their power has both awed and humbled me, whether a solitary bud on a desk, a dazzling field of flowers, or a thoughtful bouquet. They have a tender vulnerability–a strength in a storm that inspires me. At times I’ve felt their grace has grown my own. They’ve led me to gratitude and appreciation; to mindfulness and peace; an incredible state of wonder that’s flooded my day and in all good ways changed my life.

And, they have sparked my own journey into an earnest investigation and discovery of the art of photography. May they speak to you through my lens as they’ve called to me, and may the dance of flowers open your heart to the blessings they bring. If, just for a moment.”

Experience the beauty and power of flowers.  for Floating Petals today, it’s free!

Cheryl Parker
Chief Floral Officer