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October 15, 2018

Flower Quote: Autumn Leaves

MY TWO CENTS There is something incredibly nostalgic and significant about the annual cascade of autumn leaves … This is a beautiful visual use of words by Joe Wheeler. Autumn creates another sense of awe as we live through each season. I hope you can find ways to immerse yourself in its splendor. ABOUT THE AUTHOR As I research each author for Monday’s Flower quote, I am often surprised ...

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November 05, 2017

Mum's the Word: Chrysanthemum Festival

Mum’s the word at the Longwood Gardens Chrysanthemum Festival held in late autumn every year. A few years ago, I traveled with my Sherpa (aka: my husband) to Longwood Gardens to experience the festival. They have been growing mums since the opening of the garden in 1921, though it wasn’t until 1981 that the festival became known as the ‘Chrysanthemum Festival’, which is “the most intrica...

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November 04, 2014

Grape Hyacinth

After enjoying my cutting garden this past summer, I was reluctant to put it to bed. Not wanting to say goodbye, I realized that I didn’t need to wait until next summer to start a flower garden. Through the winter I could anticipate another cutting garden by planting bulbs for next spring. I was thrilled with this idea and had high hopes of spending hours going through bulb catalogs to make my s...

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October 28, 2014

Growing Wildflowers - Cosmos

I have had only one experience attempting to grow wildflowers, which was a couple of years ago, and I did not have much success. But I decided to try again. This time I found a great resource, the Vermont Wildflower Farm, and decided to visit them to get their help in selecting the right seeds and learning how to plant them. When I arrived, I was completely surprised to find that they have seeds g...

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