Herbs and a Rustic Tool Box

White Flower Farm is a favorite catalog and source for many lovely bulbs, flowers, seeds and inspirations. One idea that I was inspired by and wanted to have is an herb collection in a rustic tool box planter. I had seen it on their website, and I kept coming back to it. Finally, I asked for it as a gift and when my husband went to order it, it was ‘Sold Out.’ I waited too long, and I was bummed. I thought this was the perfect companion to my gardens and cooking, and I missed the opportunity to have it.

I decided not let that deter me and made up my mind to create my own herb “garden” in a rustic tool box.

I decided not let that deter me and made up my mind to create my own herb “garden” in a rustic tool box. The herbs were the easy part as I could get them locally from Ellen of Second Nature Herbs at the Dorset Farmers Market or nurseries in town. The rustic tool box was going to be a little more challenging for me as I’m not one who builds things out of wood very often (if ever). So, I thought it would be much better if someone else made it. With a little research on the internet, I found exactly what I wanted on Etsy by RedBarnCollective, and I was able to pick what color I wanted, which was Rustic Sage.

Herbs & a Rustic Tool Box

The ironic thing is that I have had both the herbs and the tool box most of the summer, and I still haven’t planted them. They reside in their containers in the tool box, but not planted. So, now that I’m ready to write this blog, the planting is finally done.


The process:

Herbs & a Rustic Tool Box

  1. I planned where I wanted each herb in the toolbox so to give it variety of dimension and color.
  2. I asked my husband to drill holes in the bottom of the planter so the water can drain and not let the herbs get water logged. 
  3. I put small rocks on the bottom, both to hold moisture and to keep the dirt from running through the holes. 
  4. Then I took each new herb out of their container and gently broke apart the roots on the bottom in case they were getting root bound after being in the containers for so long…
  5. As I planted each one, I took a moment to appreciate each herb’s leaf form and then lightly brushed my fingers over the leaves to enjoy the remarkable and refreshing aroma.
  6. After planting, I added additional soil, where needed, to keep them snug in their container and watered.
  7. Finally, I smiled because I had finally planted them.


The Herb selection is as follows: Basil, Rosemary, Oregano, Sage, English Thyme, Lavender and Very Curly Parsley.

Herbs & a Rustic Tool Box

Here’s to fragrant and aromatic herbs, the perfect tool box planter that someone else made, and enjoying them in my culinary endeavors hopefully all year long.

Share with me below: Where do you grow your herbs?

Herb “Garden” in a Rustic Tool Box. Photographed on My Patio in Rupert, VT.

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