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July 07, 2019

Corpse Flower

It’s been in the news, and it stinks. In this case, ‘it stinks’ doesn’t mean a bad or unpleasant situation. It means it smells rancid, and this rancid, putrid aroma comes from of all places, a flower. I know I only think of flowers as having lovely aromas like lavender or peonies or roses, but this flower is not your average bloom. Besides having an overwhelming rancid aroma, it takes 7-10...

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October 08, 2017

mbb 79. sensation-cosmos-101

Many of you have kindly asked us about making Wednesday’s Flower images as note cards or prints. Well, we have answered that request and then some with the help of an online company that does printing on demand, called Society6. Their mission is about bringing together artists from around the globe to sell their original works, offering more than 30 premium consumer goods from Art Prints to Thro...

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