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Many of you have kindly asked us about making Wednesday’s Flower images as note cards or prints. Well, we have answered that request and then some with the help of an online company that does printing on demand, called Society6. Their mission is about bringing together artists from around the globe to sell their original works, offering more than 30 premium consumer goods from Art Prints to Throw Blankets. Artists create and upload their art, Society6 produces and fulfills each order, and every purchase supports the artist. It’s a very notable mission to support artists in their endeavor, and one I’m thankful they have followed.

Flowers Galore and More on Society6

So, with a great mission and your requests, we started working with Society6 this past summer and we have been uploading Wednesday’s Flower plus a few select images from the Cutting Room Floor each week. We will continue to add new images weekly, and over time we will be adding previous Wednesday’s Flowers as well.

Flowers Galore and More on Society6If you find an image you like, say the ‘Sensation Cosmos’, you can view it featured as a specific product like an art print. Prefer a different product? You can scroll down below to see that image offered on other products and you can also see other images available in our store.

It’s very exciting to share my floral photography and see them created on everything from a computer sleeve to a travel mug to throw pillows, and of course prints. Every flower is unique. Each flower portrays my passion for photographing the beauty of the bloom, and so do each of the variety of products they come on.

Please support Floating Petals, as it has been a true labor of love, and we want to continue sharing these amazing flowers with you. It is the perfect way to add the beauty and power of flowers to your life or as a gift for someone else.

So, check out your favorite flowers and start shopping today!

Thanks for your support!

Most fondly,
Chief Floral Officer
Floating Petals

Have a favorite Wednesday’s Flower that isn’t yet available in our Society6 store? Comment below with the flower name, and we’ll gladly add it to Society6 for purchase.

Sensation Cosmos. Photographed in My Studio.

Floating Petals

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