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Papaver croceum (syn. P. nudicaule)

Wednesday's Story

In my travels…

With my other work with M30 Productions, I always try to seek out the nearby botanical gardens and arboretums. But on this particular trip while working and visiting family, I opted out of going to the local botanical garden, as right outside my brother’s front door were the most colorful and inviting plants. I thought, how could I overlook these blooms?! And I could feel them beckoning me to share his hard work and their beauty.

points of interest

Forms hairy tufts of feathery, blue-green leaves. In summer, short, wiry, hairy stalks display nodding terminal buds that open to bowl-shaped flowers in yellow, white, orange, or pale red. Blossoms are papery, solitary and fragrant, with a central mass of long, yellow stamens. Seed pods form after petals fall and once dry, can be shaken throughout the garden or left to self sow. Suitable for wild garden or annual border.

general care

Sow seed in situ (in the place they are to flower) in spring in deep, fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. Taprooted, so difficult to transplant. Allow to self-seed.

friday’s flower fact

Poppies are short-lived cutflowers; singeing the cut stem’s milky latex is said to promote vase life.

Common Names | Iceland Poppy
Botanical Name | Papaver croceum (syn. P. nudicaule)  
Family | Papaveraceae
Type | Perennial or biennial
Origin | Subarctic regions
Zone | 2-7
Flower Height | 12”
Flower Diameter | 3”

photographed @

My Brother’s Garden, Phoenix, AZ

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cutting room floor

Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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