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Wednesday's Flower

Monica Bryce Begonia

Wednesday's Story

It started at the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris…

Where I found this flower to photograph. It didn’t have a name posted, but it was bright and lovely, so how could I pass it up. I had a good feeling it was a type of begonia, so I connected with the United Kingdom Begonia Flower Society. My contact led me to the perfect person, Robert Bryce, as it was his brother who created this species and named it after their mother who had passed away at too early of an age. Isn’t it amazing how many ways flowers can connect us!

points of interest

In summer, produces double flowers of bright lemon-yellow, slightly wavy petals on upright, bushy plants. Stems are succulent and large leaves are glossy and pointed. Wonderful for summer bedding or containers.

general care

Prefers light, peaty, well-drained soil, no direct sunlight, and good air circulation. Water moderately when in growth and alternate waterings with balanced liquid fertilizer. Do not overwater as begonias are susceptible to rot. Pinch back to prolong flowering. In colder climates, lift tubers before hard frost to store for winter around 40-45 degrees. Replant in spring.

friday’s flower fact

The large, showy double flowers of begonias are male and the two, single, often smaller flowers clustered with them are female.

Common Names | Monica Bryce Begonia
Botanical Name | Begonia ‘Monica Bryce’
Family | Begoniaceae
Type | Tuberous perennial
Origin | Garden (Alan Bryce)
Zone | 13-15
Flower Height | 12”
Flower Diameter | 6”

photographed @

Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, France

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