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Callirhoe involucrata

Wednesday's Story

So many details to take note of…

Starting in the middle with the bright, spiky stamen sitting on top of a sponge-like center. Each delicate petal wrapping itself around it, though leaving just enough opening to see through to the soft green backdrop. Focusing in I see the rich, dark magenta veins running through each petal. Each detail leading me to the next, but now I will rest my eyes on it and take a deep breath before continuing with my day.

points of interest

In late spring through summer, bright magenta cup-shaped blooms appear singly above mat forming plants. Leaves are deeply palmate and stems are hairy. Blooms are mallow-like with 5 petals and have white bases. Suitable for a rock or border garden, wildflowers area or native garden or to spill over a wall.

general care

Thrives in hot, dry sites in full sun. Plant in sandy soil protected from winter moisture. Sew seed in situ in spring or transplant carefully as poppy mallows are taprooted.

friday’s flower fact

Like both poppies (Papaver) and Mallow (Malva), Poppy Mallows have deep taproots, allowing them to produce brilliantly colored blooms in inhospitable conditions.

Common Names | Poppy Mallow
Botanical Name | Callirhoe involucrata
Family | Malvaceae
Type | Perennial
Origin | Missouri to Texas
Zone | 4-6
Flower Height | 12”
Flower Diameter | 1¾-2½ ”

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My garden

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Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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