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Snow in Summer

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Snow in summer…

Can it be possible? Yes it can, and it covered parts of my garden in the most lush, white veil of star-shaped flowers and silver foliage. Its delicate petals remind me of a New England gentle snowfall, but I might appreciate this “snow” a little more since it didn’t bring with it the cold and short winter days.

points of interest

Mat forming, rampant ground cover with linear, wooly, silver leaves. Profuse white, star-shaped flowers with notched petals are produced in late spring and summer. Spreads indefinitely. Grow in front of a border, on a wall, in a large rock garden or as a ground cover.

general care

Grow in any well-drained soil in full sun, or even poor soil on sunny banks. Sheer to prevent self-seeding and to neaten foliage. Roots can rot in poor drainage situations.

friday’s flower fact

This plant, Snow in Summer, can be mowed to 2” after flowering to deadhead and tidy appearance.

Common Names | Snow in Summer
Botanical Name | Cerastium tomentosum
Family | Caryophyllaceae
Type | Perennial
Origin | Italy
Zone | 3-7
Flower Height | 2-3”
Flower Diameter | 1”

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My garden

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