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Stokes Aster

Wednesday's Story

A feeling of peacefulness…

Washes over me as I focus on these five petals that are delicately folded over each other, as if embracing. I, in turn, want to embrace this moment of calm and peacefulness; a moment to breathe. And if (when) the craziness of the day takes over, I will come back to this flower and allow its peacefulness to touch me again.

points of interest

Purplish-blue, fringed ray florets appear midsummer to early autumn, resembling cornflowers. Plants are rosette forming with lance-shaped leaves with contrasting white midribs. Stems are upright and bear solitary flowers. Native habitat is in moist, acidic soil found in coniferous woods. Flowers are long lasting and good for cutting. Grow in a warm, front position in a flower border.

general care

Grow in full sun to part shade in fertile, well-drained, light and acidic soil. Low maintenance and relatively trouble free. Tolerant of heat and drought and susceptible to rot in heavy, damp conditions. Deadhead to promote flowering and support with small stakes or neighboring plants.

friday’s flower fact

Despite its common name, Stokes’ Aster is not a true aster. The genus is named in honor of Jonathan Stokes, English physician and botanist.

Common Names | Stokes’ Aster
Botanical Name | Stokesia laevis
Family | Asteraceae
Type | Evergreen perennial
Origin | SE United States
Zone | 5-9
Flower Height | 24”
Flower Diameter | 4”

photographed @

New York Botanical Garden

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cutting room floor

Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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2 thoughts on “STOKES’ ASTER

    1. Thanks for commenting and sharing your favorites. #1 and #11 are overhead shots and #7 straight on shot. it was a great morning at the New York Botanical Garden when photographing it.

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