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Wednesday's Flower

Angel Wing Begonia Lana

Wednesday's Story

Did you know flowers have wings?

Wings like an angel,
Graceful and joyful,
Soft and pink,
Flutter in the breeze, and even
Topped with their own golden halo.

points of interest

An upright, cane-stemmed begonia with brilliant, vivid pink flowers borne in terminal cymes. Leaves are deeply toothed and long with grayish-green variegation. Stems are fleshy and hairy and roots fibrous. Nice bedding plant or grow as houseplant or in seasonal containers where not hardy.

general care

Angel Wing Begonias will flower year-round if cared for properly. Fertilize weekly and pinch to shape and control growth. Prefers well-drained, humus, light soil in part or full shaded, humid environments. If lower leaves drop, reduce watering and cut back long stems.

Common Names | Angel Wing Begonia Lana
Botanical Name | Begonia ‘Lana’
Family | Begoniaceae
Type | Perennial
Origin | Hybrid from Brazil
Zone | 9-11
Flower Height | 36”
Flower Diameter | 1.5”

photographed @

Chicago Botanic Garden

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