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Wednesday's Flower

Brown-eyed Susan

Wednesday's Story

What today will bring…

One never knows, but what we bring to each day is up to each one of us. Some days that’s easier said than done for me, especially when I start my day getting into my to do list and feel overwhelmed. So, I’m appreciating how this bloom speaks to me about simplicity and beauty and the smile it brings to my face. It helps me to set my intention for the day to be grateful for all that I have, even the struggles that come along, as they help me to grow just as this flower did.

points of interest

Late summer to mid autumn, upright, branching, bristly stems bear solitary flowers with golden yellow ray florets and prominent purple-black central disc florets. Grow in a border or naturalize in a wild garden. Works well as a cut flower.

general care

Grow in heavy, moderately fertile, well-drained (but not dry) soil in full sun or part shade.

friday’s flower fact

John Gay, a famous Old English poet, wrote a poem called “Black-Eyed Susan”, which many believe is the source of this plant’s name.

Common Names | Black-eyed Susan
Botanical Name | Rudbeckia hirta
Family | Asteraceae
Type | Biennial/short-lived perennial
Origin | Central United States
Zone | 4-9
Flower Height | 36”
Flower Diameter | 3"

photographed @

Tucson Botanical Garden

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cutting room floor

Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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