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Bleeding Heart

Wednesday's Story

This flower’s tale is one of unrequited love…

For a prince, with a princess who does not return his affection. But the story I would tell is one of resilience of the heart. It starts in the early spring from under the cold winter floor. It wiggles its way through the soil to return the sun’s warm greeting. Its arched stems are delicate, yet can bear the test of the strongest of winds and harshest of rains. Through all that it endures, it does not hide its heart; it shares it on its sleeve for all to see. This story, for me, is of vulnerability and amazing strength.

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points of interest

Delicate, arching stems bearing pink and white heart-shaped blossoms emerge from a tender, pale green, leafy clump in early spring. Outer petals are rose pink and contain white inner petals that emerge downward. The fleshy stems can bear up to 20 flowers and make a lovely cut flower.

general care

Plant in full or part shade in fertile, moist, well-drained soil. Site among other woodland plants, as bleeding heart is dormant in the summer. Do not try to divide this perennial, as the fleshy long roots are easily damaged.

friday’s flower fact

The Bleeding Heart is also called “lady-in-a-bath”. When the flower is inverted and the pink “slipper” petals are pulled slightly away, the white inner petals look like a woman’s figure emerging from a pink bath.

Common Names | Bleeding Heart
Botanical Name | Dicentra spectabilis
Family | Fumariaceae
Type | Perennial
Origin | Siberia, North China, Korea
Zone | 3-9
Flower Height | 30-36”
Flower Diameter | 1”

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My shade garden

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