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Wednesday's Flower

California Poppy

Wednesday's Story

Gently cup your hands together…

Cup them as if you’re holding something fragile, so you can see the inside of your hands. Now imagine your four fingers on your right hand form a soft, silky, orange petal. Next, your palm and thumb create the second petal. Repeat on your left hand and imagine them floating in the wind. Now your hands create the essence of this bloom: four delicate orange petals…

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points of interest

Mat-forming plant with fern-like, blue-green, finely cut leaves. In summer, bright yellow-orange, shallowly cupped flowers are borne singly with four, paper thin petals. Blooms are followed by long, curved seed pods. Grow in an annual border, meadow, or in a gravel or rock garden.

general care

Grow in poor, well-drained soil in full sun. Sow seed in situ in mid spring.

friday’s flower fact

The state flower of California, this poppy-like flower not only closes at night, but also in cold or cloudy weather.

Common Names | California Poppy
Botanical Name | Eschscholzia californica
Family | Papaveraceae
Type | Annual
Origin | Oregon to coastal California
Zone | n/a
Flower Height | 12”
Flower Diameter | 3”

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My Cutting Garden

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Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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