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Worley’s Butter Cream Senna

Wednesday's Story

To twirl…

Whirl, turn around, revolve, and spin on one foot with arms reaching aloft: a pirouette. Who knew a flower could do a perfect one?!

And maybe, just for the fun of it, I’ll try one myself!

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points of interest

Lovely, fragrant, butterfly-shaped blooms for a fall garden. As it’s name implies, flowers are creamy yellow edged in white. After flowering, long brown pods appear. Habit is large and arching, somewhat tree-like, with blooms held at the branch tips. Ideal for the back of garden or informal screening. If a cold snap occurs, new growth will appear in spring from hardy roots. Deer resistant and carefree. Developed by Patrick Worley.

general care

Locate in full sun in well-drained sandy loam. Moderately drought tolerant but enjoys average watering. May reseed, be sure to prune after flowering to prevent seed formation and colonization if undesired.

friday’s flower fact

Highly valued for late season vitality, this Worley’s Butter Cream Senna puts on a show when most flowering shrubs are on the sidelines.

Common Names | Worley’s Butter Cream Senna
Botanical Name | Senna bicapsularis ‘Worley’s Butter Cream’
Family | Fabaceae
Type | Shrub
Origin | South America
Zone | 8-10
Flower Height | 8-10’
Flower Diameter | 1”

photographed @

Longwood Gardens

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