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Nymphaea nouchali

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For me, meditation can be taking the time to stop all of the chaotic thoughts in my head, to breathe and focus on something so simple and so beautiful that it stops all of the chaos, even for just one moment. Time to meditate…

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points of interest

From spring to late summer, green buds with brown streaks appear on the water surface, opening to reveal sweetly aromatic flowers with purple-blue petals. The waxy surface of the petals allows the pores to be cleaned by water droplets that roll away accumulated dust. Round, floating leaves are attached directly to the rhizomes and not to the stem. Tubers and rhizomes are edible once boiled or roasted. The lotus symbolizes the sun, creation and rebirth.

general care

Grow this aquatic plant in shallow to moderate depth of water with static to little movement in full sun. Appropriate soil ranges from good sieved garden loam to pure unwashed river sand. When grown in a natural pond, it typically can receive enough nutrients from its surroundings, but when grown in artificial ponds the soil most be fertilized. Plant directly in the pond bottom soil or in plastic water lily baskets for easy removal and division.

friday’s flower fact

The blue lotus is known also as the star flower, though ironically, it only opens during the day and closes at night.

Common Names | Blue Lotus, Star Lotus, Red and Blue Water Lily, Blue Star Water Lily
Botanical Name | Nymphaea nouchali, N. stellata
Family | Nymphaeceae
Type | Aquatic plant
Origin | Indian Subcontinent to Australia
Zone | 10-11
Flower Height | 7-9”
Flower Diameter | 4-5½”

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