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Wednesday's Flower

Crested Iris

Wednesday's Story

This flower gave me…

Some restful moments in my day:
A moment to imagine its unfolding.
A moment to take in its beauty.
A moment to reflect on its many details and nuances.
A moment of peace and quiet in my day.

points of interest

This dwarf iris spreads rapidly and has lance-shaped, bright green leaves. Occurring in spring, blooms are stemless and blue-lilac, with a white patch and yellow or orange crest on each of the three main petals. Best used as a groundcover in a shaded area of a rock garden, perennial border or woodland garden.

general care

Grow in moist, humus-rich soil in full or part sun. Water moderately when in growth and keep moist during dormancy. Easy to divide and propagate.

friday’s flower fact

Unlike common bearded or beardless irises, crested irises have relatively flat flowers and a ridge on their petals instead of a beard.

Common Names | Crested Iris
Botanical Name | Iris cristata
Family | Iridaceae
Type | Rhizomatous perennial
Origin | Eastern United States
Zone | 4-10
Flower Height | 4”
Flower Diameter | 1-1/2”

photographed @

New York Botanical Garden

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cutting room floor

Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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