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Wednesday's Flower

Queensland Lacebark

Wednesday's Story

Pink joy!…

It doesn’t come from a plant.
It doesn’t come from a flowering bush.
It blooms on a tree that is 40’ tall,
and can even grow up to 100’.
The fruit it bears is in the shape of a canoe.
How truly fascinating nature is.

points of interest

Striking summer display of hanging clusters of woolly, pink or red, bell-shaped flowers. Often some branches are blooming while others are not and leaf drop is erratic. Branches are spreading from a stout, smooth, gray trunk. Leaves are large, lobed and matte green with a fuzzy undercoating. Grown as a flowering specimen or shade tree where hardy. Produces canoe shaped fruit, also covered in rusty brown fuzz.

general care

Grow in free-draining, fertile soil in full sun. Minimal pruning required.

friday’s flower fact

Queensland ‘Lacebark’ refers to the beautiful patterning on mature trees. The trunk can also become bottle-shaped, a water storage method for hot climates.

Common Names | Queensland Lacebark
Botanical Name | Brachychiton discolor
Family | Sterculiaceae
Type | Semi-evergreen or deciduous tree
Origin | Queensland, New South Wales
Zone | 11
Flower Height | 30-40’, but can reach 100’
Flower Diameter | 2”

photographed @

The Huntington

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