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Echo Champagne Lisianthus

Wednesday's Story

These petals are superior…

Commented Karen, as she selected a bouquet from her bucket at the Manchester Farmer’s Market. I love that she saw such detail in them. I love her passion for these beautiful petals, and her sharing her enthusiasm for them. I could see this intimate relationship she had with these flowers; how she nurtured them all summer long and now was waiting for the moment to share them with others. That is commitment and love.

May we all love and nurture our own passion like Karen.

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points of interest

The name ‘Echo Champagne’ comes from the color of the bud for this particular variety. Its origins are from the prairies/grasslands, and it can last as a cut flower for 2-3 weeks, in part because of the many buds on one stem.

general care

Grow in full sun with well-drained soil. May need to be staked. It can be challenging to grow, so best to plant from established seedlings. Plant after any danger of frost.

friday’s flower fact

Growing lisianthus from seed can be very challenging and best left to the professional greenhouse growers. If you are interested in growing them though, you can purchase them as plants and you will have much better success.

Common Names | Echo Champagne Lisianthus
Botanical Name | Eustoma 'Echo Champagne'
Family | Gentianales
Type | Annual
Origin | Southern United States, Mexico, Caribbean and northern South America
Zone | Grows easily in all USDA zones, though planting time varies per zone
Flower Height | 1-3’
Flower Diameter | 3-4”

photographed @

True Love Farm, North Bennington, VT

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cutting room floor

Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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