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Wednesday's Flower

Grape Hyacinth

Wednesday's Story

I’m sitting in my kitchen…

As I write Wednesday’s story, wanting to absorb this delicate, springtime flower. This flower has a personality that reminds me of the Yorkshire Terrier. It thinks and acts like a Great Dane; small and petite but carries itself large. This dainty and vibrant flower awakens me every time I walk into the kitchen, especially with its soft, sweet aroma. Also, it is a wonderful reminder to be grateful for springtime.

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points of interest

In spring, bright blue, tubular flowers emerge in dense, conical racemes on smooth, leafless stems. Flowers have distinct, constricted white mouths. Leaves are narrow, 12” long, linear and mid-green, arranged in basal clusters. Grow in mass in a mixed border, in a deciduous woodland garden, for naturalizing or force indoors. Light musky aroma and deer-resistant.

general care

Plant bulbs in groups, 4” deep in autumn. Site in moderately fertile, moist, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Keep moist during growth. When plants are dormant in autumn, divide to maintain vigor. Easy to grow and spreads.

friday’s flower fact

The violet blue cluster of flowers somewhat resembles a bunch of grapes, hence the common name, Grape Hyacinth.

Common Names | Grape Hyacinth
Botanical Name | Muscari armeniacum
Family | Liliaceae
Type | Bulbous perennial
Origin | S.E. Europe to Caucasus
Zone | 4-8
Flower Height | 8”
Flower Diameter | 1/8” single flower, 3” long cluster

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cutting room floor

Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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