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Wednesday's Flower

Greek Cyclamen

Wednesday's Story

Oh happy day…!

I almost hear these two blooms sing to me, and their cheerful “faces” bring a smile to mine and lighten my heart. How wonderful to experience something so simple (though complex) as a flower changing a moment in time. Today, I hope you find joy in the simple, and that it brings a smile to your face and lightens your heart.

points of interest

Flowers are soft pink to carmine red with dark magenta markings at the mouth, borne before leaves in autumn. Nodding flowers have 5 reflexed, twisted petals that coil to the soil surface to release seeds when they are ripe. Best planted in a deep container to accommodate long, fleshy roots, sited in an alpine house, but also can be grown in rock garden.

general care

Plant with top of tuber just at soil surface in light, well-drained soil. When in full leaf, apply low nitrogen fertilizer every 6-8 weeks. Prefers bright, filtered light and moderate humidity. While growing, this cyclamen has moderate water requirements. Reduce water and humidity as leaves fade and keep dry during dormancy.

friday’s flower fact

Of all cyclamen species, Greek Cyclamen has the most striking and variable leaf colorations and patterning: dark green, black/green, lime, or grey/green heart-shaped leaves with contrasting blotches and veining in shades of green, cream, grey or silver.

Common Names | Greek Cyclamen
Botanical Name | Cyclamen graecum
Family | Primulsceae
Type | Perennial
Origin | Greece, Aegean Islands, Turkey, Cyprus
Zone | 5-9
Flower Height | 3-4”
Flower Diameter | 1/2-1”

photographed @

Kew, Royal Botanic Gardens

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Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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