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Picotee Amaryllis

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To see a flower blooming…

Is a unique opportunity, and one that doesn’t come often and typically not fast enough. In knowing this and wanting to share with you the many facets of flowers, through my photography and the magic of technology, I have created a short time lapse video of one of my favorite bulbs blooming during the holiday season. I hope you enjoy watching this elegant bud blossom right before your very eyes. Happy Holidays!

points of interest

This large-flowered Amaryllis hybrid has brilliant white petals, finely outlined in red with a chartreuse throat. Each bulb produces 4-6 boldly elegant flowers on a long stem. Easy to bring to bloom, Amaryllis is a favorite for indoor forcing.

general care

Plant bulb in October-April in a pot with a nutritious composted soil tamped just below the neck of the bulb. Water and place in a warm, sunny location. Water sparingly until the stem emerges, then gradually increase to keep soil moist. After flowering in 7-10 weeks, allow leaves to emerge and grow throughout the summer, fertilizing regularly. Reduce watering and allow leaves to yellow in fall. Remove foliage and store bulb at 40-50 degrees F until repeating the process.

friday’s flower fact

What we call “Amaryllis” aren’t true Amaryllis. The cultivated hybrids are actually Hippeastrum. True Amaryllis is a bulb from South Africa that looks more like a lily!

Common Names | Picotee Amaryllis
Botanical Name | Hippeastrum ‘Picotee’
Family | Amaryllidaceae
Type | Bulbous perennial
Origin | Central and South America
Zone | 14-15
Flower Height | 20”
Flower Diameter | 4-6”

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My studio

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cutting room floor

Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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