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Zeolights Calendula

Wednesday's Story

What one word would you choose to guide you through the year…?

There are a lot of words out there that I could choose to guide me, but the one word that keeps coming to mind, especially when I’m not handling a situation well, is ‘grace’. So, I’ve decided to make ‘grace’ my word for 2017. I’ve never done this before, so it’s a little scary, as I know I will be far from perfect in embodying it, but I will try. I have selected this flower for its gracefulness to be my visual reminder throughout this coming year…

If you have a word you would choose to guide you, please let me know what it is and why on Facebook.

points of interest

Bicolor petals are pale apricot-pink with maroon undersides, a fancy cousin of the more typical yellow and orange daisy-like flower. This full double calendula fades to pink as the weather cools. Leaves are sticky and aromatic. Suitable for growing in containers, an informal border, or vegetable/herb garden. Long bloom period, fast growing and self-seeds. Flowers attract butterflies and beneficial insects. Deer resistant.

general care

Grow in well-drained, moderately fertile soil in sun or partial shade. Deadhead to promote business and flowering. Sew in situ in spring or autumn. Successive seedings (3 weeks apart) will give continuous fresh, stronger plants.

friday’s flower fact

For a lovely edible garnish, add these petals to salads, in ice cubes or on cakes. Has many medical benefits, often found in creams and salves.

Common Names | Zeolights Calendula
Botanical Name | Calendula officinalis ‘Zeolights’
Family | Asteraceae
Type | Annual
Origin | S. Europe to N. Africa
Zone | N/A
Flower Height | 12-24”
Flower Diameter | 4”

photographed @

My Cutting Garden

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Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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