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Pink Flowering Oxalis

Wednesday's Story

Among the Shamrocks and Clovers…

Lies an unassuming flower. As I come across it at the Boyce Thomas Arboretum, I’m enchanted finding it among the bright kelly green clover. In that moment, I absorb its delicate petals, the stunning pink flower with deep fuchsia veins that pop against its heart-shaped leaves…a reason to pause and be present, to reflect on the simplicity of life, and to work on making that my own.

Happy (early) St. Patty’s Day! 

points of interest

This darling flower has five pink petals that radiate from a magenta eye. In bud like a closed umbrella, grouped in an umbel-like formation, the stalk emerges from a tufted mound of bright, green shamrock leaves. A continuous bloom throughout the summer, this cutie tends to naturalize in lawns that are mown infrequently.

general care

Plant in sun to part shade, in mid-pH soil, average water. Propagate via corm division. Rust can sometimes be a problem.

friday’s flower fact

The leaves on this Pink Flowering Oxalis are trifoliate, with each of the three leaflets, a heart, which fold in poor weather or at night.

Common Names | Pink Flowering Oxalis, Pink Wood Sorrel
Botanical Name | Oxalis articulata
Family | Oxalidaceae
Type | Herbaceous perennial
Origin | South America
Zone | 6-9
Flower Height | 14”
Flower Diameter | ½-1”

photographed @

Boyce Thompson Arboretum, Superior, AZ

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cutting room floor

Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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