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Canada Lily

Wednesday's Story

A morning to soak in…

The middle of a field with a low-hanging fog, surrounded by nature and absorbed in this flower. I see its bell shape suspended into space by the curve of its strong green stem. The stamen is the clapper, though no sound is to be heard except for the birds’ musical chatter across the field. In this lush green space, I realize I could not want for more than to be in this moment.

points of interest

An airy and elegant lily with faintly scented, trumpet-shaped, cheerful yellow flowers with maroon speckled throats. Umbels can produce up to 30 flowers. Petal tips are recurved, but not dramatically so, and trumpets can be broad or narrow. Flowering occurs late in midseason on stems with whorls of lance-shaped leaves. Lilies are classified into 9 divisions (Asiatic and Trumpet hybrids, for example). Meadow Lily is in Division 9, the only true species category.

general care

Site in a wet meadow or the semi-sunny edge of a moist, rich woodland garden. Prefers moist, light or medium well-drained soils.

friday’s flower fact

The Native Americans once gathered and consumed the roots of the Canada Lily which are starchy like a potato.

Common Names | Canada Lily, Wild Yellow-Lily, Meadow Lily
Botanical Name | Lilium canadense
Family | Liliaceae
Type | Bulbous perennial
Origin | Eastern North America
Zone | 3-8
Flower Height | 3-5.5’
Flower Diameter | 2-3”

photographed @

Dorset, Vermont

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