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Wednesday's Flower

Salicifolia Begonia

Wednesday's Story

Why this image…?

I love it firstly, for its ethereal softness and lack of detail, which allows my imagination to have some fun with it and see a bird in flight while still knowing it’s a flower. Secondly, I appreciate the very fine macro view of the buttery center stamen that I would have completely missed if not for this lens. It’s easy to see the overall picture as it’s always in view, but using one’s imagination or stopping to see the fine details…that is the real work and reward.

points of interest

Classified as a cane-stemmed, this begonia has slender, bamboo-like stems bearing pendent light pink to white terminal clusters of flowers in early spring. Foliage is broad and asymmetrical, bright green with white dots and red undersides. Form is upright. Grow in containers or as an annual in a border.

general care

Grow in fertile, well-drained, humus rich soil with a neutral to slightly acidic pH in partial shade. Prefers average to slightly moist soil. Prune to 2-3 buds to keep foliage at base of plant.

friday’s flower fact

An unusual upright cane-stemmed form of begonia, Salicifolia Begonia tends to drop its lower leaves if overwatered.

Common Names | Salicifolia Begonia
Botanical Name | Begonia salicifolia
Family | Begoniaceae
Type | Evergreen perennial
Origin | Brazil
Zone | 10
Flower Height | 18”
Flower Diameter | 1/2”

photographed @

Denver Botanical Garden

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cutting room floor

Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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