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Wednesday's Flower

Reed Stem Epidendrum

Wednesday's Story

A flash of pink…

…and a dash of yellow top a sturdy green stem that juts out from a beautiful leaf pattern. An orchid with such vibrant colors must be amazing to come across in any of the variety of habitats where it is able to exist and thrive. It is one of the most easily grown orchids and one that I will be looking to add to my indoor garden.

points of interest

Extending from a tall, cylindrical reed-like stem, an umbel-like cluster of brilliant pink orchid blossoms appear continuously throughout the year. Extremely variable in habitat, parents of this orchid can be found in dry tropical forests to grassy slopes in full sun and hot steamy jungles or cool to damp cloud forests. When purchasing look for vigorous plants with little or no spots or discoloration on stems or leaves. Root system should have active growing tips at the surface and ideally, through drainage holes.

general care

Ideally situate in a location with bright light and even full sun, fertilizer regularly with a balanced orchid mix, and water frequently but avoid having the plant submerged. This orchid grows well in almost any setting –potted, mounted on a cork slab or, where climates permit, in flower beds.

friday’s flower fact

The Reed-Stem Epidendrum is sometimes called the poor-man’s orchid due to their ease of care and propagation and at one time, the only orchid available and affordable to the general public.

Common Names | Reed-Stem Epidendrum
Botanical Name | Epidendrum hybrid
Family | Orchidaceae
Type | Orchid
Origin | Hybrid of species originating in tropical Americas and Central America through Argentina
Zone | 13-15
Flower Height | 30”
Flower Diameter | 1”

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