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Sand Aloe

Wednesday's Story

It seems odd to be staring at…

This bright coral bloom in the desert, yet in my peripheral vision all I see is grey sky and snow here in the Northeast. How it warms me inside, though outside it’s quite cold and blustery. How wonderful, that it can transport me to a place so distant from where I am. What a gift to be given; of being in the moment drinking up this fascinating coral flower and daydreaming of the sun warming me and my day.

Did you know that coral is this year’s Pantone color of the year?

points of interest

This aloe is low to the ground, producing a 20-inch diameter dense rosette of smooth, pale blue-green leaves that curve upwards. The leaves have spines on the edges and white markings. Flowers emerge on branching racemes in mid winter to early spring, varying from brownish-orange to pink. The flowers are tubular, tapering to the opening and displayed in flattened, terminal clusters. Found on rocky and sandy soils in dry regions, this aloe can be grown as an ornamental in a container.

general care

Site in full sun in a well-drained and alkaline soil. Take care not to overwater. In growing season, apply a balanced liquid fertilizer 2-3 times.

friday’s flower fact

This aloe was identified in an area of Northern Namibia, home to a Bantu tribe, The Herero, thus the given name.

Common Names | Sand Aloe
Botanical Name | Aloe hereroensis
Family | Liliaceae
Type | Succulent
Origin | SW Africa
Zone | 9-10
Flower Height | 2’
Flower Diameter | 1.5-2”

photographed @

Phoenix, AZ

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Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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