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Betty Boop Rose

Wednesday's Story

Today, take a moment…

Or two to focus only on this vibrant bloom. Allow yourself to let go of every other thought and worry you may have, if just for a moment. Then know it’s there any time you want to come back to it again to breath deeply and let it wash all of your thoughts andworries away, if just for a moment in time.

points of interest

Introduced in 1999, this floribunda type rose has abundant and continual semi-double blooms, long lasting and borne in clusters. Buds are long, elegant and pointed, opening to ivory-yellow petals that are broadly edged with bright red. Naturally rounded, bushy form with prickly stems and new foliage is dark red maturing to dark green that is clean and glossy. Mildly scented and good for cutting.

general care

Plant in well-drained, humus enriched, moderately fertile soil in full sun. Water thoroughly but do not allow “wet feet.” Fertilize monthly during summer. Cut back to 12” and mulch heavily for winter protection. Once established, prune to maintain shape and increase branching. ‘Betty Boop’ has excellent disease resistance.

Common Names | Betty Boop Rose
Botanical Name | Rosa ‘Betty Boop’
Family | Rosaceae
Type | Deciduous Shrub
Origin | Garden hybrid
Zone | 4-9
Flower Height | 3-5’
Flower Diameter | 3”

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The Huntington

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Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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