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Wednesday's Flower

Pink Crinum Lily

Wednesday's Story

Stopping to admire…

This pink beauty that looks like a starburst here on earth is the perfect way to break from the craziness of the day; to feel the joy of life that surrounds us. To experience it, though, it takes effort. You have to pause, breathe and take it in. I hope that you stop often and create lots of moments to do just that: bring in the joy of life by pausing, breathing and taking it in. Let’s start now.

points of interest

Clusters of up to 10 large, fragrant, orchid pink, outward facing and flared, trumpet-shaped flowers appear in summer. They are borne on thick, sturdy, leafless stems that emerge from smooth, strap-like foliage. Grow in a warm, sheltered border or container.

general care

Prefers fertile, moist, humus rich soil in full sun. Plant in spring with the neck of the bulb just above soil level and water freely. Easy and drought tolerant once established.

friday’s flower fact

One crinum bulb quickly grows into a large clump of five or more bulbs that each send up two to three bloom stalks every year.

Common Names | Pink Crinum Lily, Roseum Lily, Swamp Lily
Botanical Name | Crinum x Powellii ‘Roseum’
Family | Amaryllidaceae
Type | Deciduous bulbous perennial
Origin | Garden origin
Zone | 7-10
Flower Height | 5’
Flower Diameter | 4”

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2 thoughts on “PINK CRINUM LILY

    1. The pink lily is so lovely, and I’m always amazed and in awe of the many, many wonderful blooms that petal our world.

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