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Wednesday's Flower

Hardy Ice Plant

Wednesday's Story

A blooming bud is the start of…

Something new,
Something beautiful,
Something colorful,
Something to ponder about,
Something to be thankful for.

points of interest

Creeping, mat-forming succulent with warty, cylindrical, light green leaves. Flowers are daisy-like, solitary and glossy magenta with white anthers, appearing in mid to late summer. Useful as a showy ground cover or rock garden accent.

general care

Plant in full sun in sharply drained soil, watering occasionally. As a house plant, grow in cactus mix and water moderately only during growing season.

friday’s flower fact

Ice Plants are heat, drought and salt tolerant, surviving in rocky, poor soils with little care.

Common Names | Hardy Ice Plant
Botanical Name | Delosperma cooperi
Family | Aizoaceae
Type | succulent perennial
Origin | South Africa
Zone | 8-10
Flower Height | 3-6”
Flower Diameter | 2”

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The Huntington

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