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Strawberry Blonde Camellia

Wednesday's Story

This Valentine’s Day I’m scooping up…

A delightful bowl of strawberry ice cream that is creamy and delectable. It’s like the perfect spoonful after unloading the groceries, when the ice cream’s consistency at the edges of the container is velvety and smooth. The ‘scoop’ I’m serving up has velvety edges too, with swirls of petals in various tones of strawberry with nuances of lemon candies. I hope this wets your appetite…

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points of interest

Upright and spreading tree with glossy, dark green, broadly elliptic leaves. Light salmon-pink blossoms with streaks of carmine-pink are informal double or peony form, having a central mass of irregular petals, occurring from late winter to early spring. An elegant shrub for use in the border or as a specimen. Where not hardy, grow in containers or a cool greenhouse.

general care

Grow in part or full shade in acidic soil high in organic matter. Requires regular watering with mulch to keep roots cool and retain water. Prune to open form, encouraging full blossoms, and plant health.

friday’s flower fact

Japanese camellia is sometimes called the “Rose of Winter” and is seen as a lucky symbol for the Chinese New Year.

Common Names | Strawberry Blonde Camellia
Botanical Name | Camellia japonica ‘Strawberry Blonde’
Family | Theaceae
Type | Evergreen shrub
Origin | China, Korea, Japan parentage
Zone | 7-9
Flower Height | 10-12’
Flower Diameter | 1-1/4 to 1-3/4”

photographed @

Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden, Los Angeles, CA

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