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Texas Bluebonnet

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There are fields and fields of…

This flower in Texas, which are quite the visual feast to experience. People come from all over to catch their heavenliness, and it’s easy to see why. They are along road sides and interstates, next to sidewalks and peeking out of gardens. A reflection of the bright sky-blue here on earth to catch anyone’s gaze.

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points of interest

Erect form with spreading stems creating a bushy appearance. Stems are softly hairy with pointed, palmate leaves with fuzzy undersides. In summer, deep blue to purple blue pea-like flowers appear in compact, elongated and pointed racemes with conspicuously white tips. Naturally found on dry, hilly grasslands, open woodlands, coastal sands and cliffs, and riverbanks.

general care

Grow in moderately fertile, slightly acidic, well-drained and sandy soil in full sun or light shade. Will self-seed.

friday’s flower fact

Bluebonnets are the state flower of Texas and are the larval host to specific butterflies.

Common Names | Texas Bluebonnet
Botanical Name | Lupinus texensis
Family | Fabaceae
Type | Biennial
Origin | Texas
Zone | 3-8
Flower Height | 10-12”
Flower Diameter | 1/2”

photographed @

Wildseed Farms, Fredericksburg, TX

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2 thoughts on “TEXAS BLUEBONNET

  1. Great photo! My Mom and Dad loved to go and see the beautiful, blue bonnets in Texas!
    Thank you for capturing with your camera and sharing!

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