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Tête-à-tête Daffodil

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A Tête-à-tête…

Is a phrase used for having a private conversation, a chat between two people, an intimate exchange. The tête-à-tête I’m observing looks to be a very cheerful and lively conversation; one of good intention, bright moments, and one that I’m quite enjoying, even as an onlooker.

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points of interest

A favorite dwarf and miniature daffodil, Tête-à-Tête has a deep yellow cup emerging from golden, slightly reflexed perianth segments. Foliage is deep green and sword-like. Stems are smooth and bear 1-3 flowers. This vigorous selection is wonderful for naturalizing, rock gardens or forcing. Blooms early spring.

general care

Plant 6” deep and 6” apart. Best sited in deep, rich soil with pin full or part sun, but tolerant of many conditions. Average water needs while blooming, but allow to dry afterwards. Only cut foliage back when yellowed, to allow for replenishment of the bulb. Divide as needed in mid-summer to fall.

friday’s flower fact

Mixing daffodils with other flowers in a bouquet may look pretty, but a sap that exudes from their stems can clog other flowers stems when absorbed. This does not allow the other flowers to stay hydrated and they will wilt quickly.

Common Names | Tête-à-Tête Daffodil
Botanical Name | Narcissus ‘Tête-à-Tête’
Family | Amaryllidaceae
Type | Bulbous perennial
Origin | Garden hybrid (Europe and/or N. Africa parentage)
Zone | 3-8
Flower Height | 6-10”
Flower Diameter | 2.5”

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My studio

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cutting room floor

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