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XXL Sunset Dahlia

Wednesday's Story

Yellow petals slowly unfold…

From the center of its waxy, lime-green exterior, and every petal looks as if it was hand dipped to create its rose-pink edges. I follow the edges to see how each one breaks at the top into a ‘V’ making me think of the peace or victory sign. These details envelop me and draw me in closer to take in all of its beauty, and then I notice its gentle strength.

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points of interest

New from Viva! in Spring 2012, this dahlia has bicolor fully double blooms and strong, sturdy stems. Highly decorative with laminated (notched) tips, the petals are lemon at the base, lined with and transitioning to rose-pink. Compact and excellent for container use and mixed border. Mid to late summer until frost. Good vase life.

general care

Dahlias prefer moist, humus-rich, well-drained soil in full sun. Keep well fed with nitrogen rich fertilizer about once/week until blooms appear, then switch to a potassium rich fertilizer. Water regularly once plants emerge. Cut blooms to encourage more. After frost, cut foliage back to 6”, dry, dust with fungicide and store tubers at 45-50 degrees in vermiculite until replanting in early spring.

friday’s flower fact

Dahlia tubers are edible, and were a valuable food source during the Irish Potato Famine, but it has never caught on in mainstream cuisine.

Common Names | XXL Sunset Dahlia
Botanical Name | Dahlia ‘XXL Sunset’
Family | Asteraceae
Type | Tuberous perennial
Origin | Garden (Central America)
Zone | 8-10
Flower Height | 16-22”
Flower Diameter | 6”

photographed @

My Cutting Garden

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Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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