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Blue Glory Bower

Wednesday's Story

This is a more abstract view…

With the wind blowing and my aperture selection. This vantage point creates a little wonder and offers a few extra moments to pause. What shapes do you see? What else catches your eye? What about taking time throughout your day to stop and look at the things you may take for granted; to see something you haven’t seen before, to create gratitude or a new connection.

Let’s try it together. Share with me, below, what you saw differently when you took an extra moment.

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points of interest

Bright green, opposite, elliptical leaves with bold teeth appear along the vine. The leaves have an odd scent when brushed, which may serve to repel certain insects. Panicles, occurring in summer to autumn, are terminal and composed of butterfly-like flowers, which they also attract. The flowers are 5-petaled, sky blue to violet and sometimes blue and white, with long lower lips and long, purple anthers, which bend elegantly upwards.

general care

Grow in fertile, humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Water freely during growth and reduce during winter. Prune immediately after flowering and to control growth. To improve flowering, cut back old wood to a pair of buds. Train over a trellis, pergola or other support. Where not hardy, grow in a warm greenhouse or conservatory.

friday’s flower fact

Blue Glory Bower has been grown in botanical gardens for almost 100 years, but this vine has only recently been available in the trade as a potted plant. It should be brought indoors before frost occurs in colder zones, but is root hardy in zones 8 and 9 as it returns from its roots in spring after freezing to the ground.

Common Names | Blue Glory Bower, Blue Wings, Butterfly Clerodendrum
Botanical Name | Clerodendrum ugandense
Family | Verbenaceae
Type | Evergreen climber
Origin | Tropical Africa
Zone | 9-11
Flower Height | 10-12’
Flower Diameter | 4-6” panicle

photographed @

Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL & Chicago Botanic Garden in Chicago, IL.

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cutting room floor

Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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