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Wednesday's Flower

Blue Potato Bush

Wednesday's Story

It was the perfect scenario…

For getting out to photograph my next flower. No direct sunlight. No breeze blowing. A quiet and unobtrusive surrounding. Then out of nowhere there was the loud, loud roar of hedge trimmers. Its roar invaded the quiet space, and all I could picture was this blooming bush that I was about to shoot being totally devoid of any flowers once those trimmers hit it. I was bummed. But fortunately as it happens in life, the loud, invasive intrusion and upheaval subsided. The quiet and calm returned, and there were still many blooming flowers to be photographed. Once again I had the perfect light and space to observe, shoot, and be again.

points of interest

Heavily branched, spreading/lax shrub produces ovate to lance-shaped, smooth, mid-green leaves with wavy margins. In summer and autumn, shallow trumpet-shaped, deep violet-blue flowers with yellow tinged centers appear in mass. Ovoid, red fruit develops after bloom.

general care

Grow in moderately fertile, moist, but well-drained soil in full sun. Support young plants and tie new shoots regularly and shear to maintain formal shape once mature. Or grow in pots, watering freely when in growth. Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly and mist to maintain moderate humidity. Water sparingly while dormant.

friday’s flower fact

All parts of Blue Potato Bush (Royal Robe Paraguay Nightshade) of the nightshade family are poisonous if ingested.

Common Names | Blue Potato Bush, Royal Robe Paraguay Nightshade
Botanical Name | Lycianthes rantonnetii (Syn. Solanum rantonnetii) ‘Royal Robe’
Family | Solanaceae
Type | Evergreen Shrub
Origin | Paraguay, Argentina
Zone | 9-11
Flower Height | 6’
Flower Diameter | 1”

photographed @

Phoenix, AZ

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