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Jane Cowl Tropical Hibiscus

Wednesday's Story

Bright and cheerful…

Don’t we all need to focus more on the bright and cheerful things in our lives, instead of getting weighed down by the heaviness of all that is going around us? It’s so easy to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, but does that change anything? What changes things is looking for the positive, the miracle, the beauty, and sharing and exuding it. Also, giving thanks and appreciation for what we each have definitely creates a bright and cheerful view, just like this double petal bloom.

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points of interest

Rounded and bushy shrub or small tree with ovate, glossy, green leaves having toothed margins. Solitary, double, coral-pink blossoms with yellow anthered, pink stamens appear summer to autumn. Petals are wavy and ruffled, darker pink at the base and have striking, visible veining. The formation of the petals makes the flowers more sphere-shaped than typical hibiscus. Grow in large containers, foundation or mixed flower beds.

general care

Heat tolerant, but performs best in full to partial sun in acid-neutral, fertile soil with good drainage. Deadhead to prolong bloom. Minor pruning is necessary.

friday’s flower fact

Hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii. It can signify being in a relationship or unavailable when worn behind the left ear, while behind the right ear can signify that the wearer is openly available.

Common Names | Jane Cowl Tropical Hibiscus
Botanical Name | Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ‘Jane Cowl’
Family | Malvaceae
Type | evergreen shrub
Origin | China (hybrid)
Zone | 10-15
Flower Height | 5-6’
Flower Diameter | 4”

photographed @

Jupiter, Florida

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