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Wednesday's Flower

Paperwhite Narcissus

Wednesday's Story

I see things in flowers…

That I’m not so sure others really see. I have a unique point of view, shall we say. With this bloom, I not only see, but also hear something others may not. I hear a choir of blooms singing the Christmas songs I grew up with. It truly bring tears to my eyes for the many memories that these songs bring. Both tears of the joyful times growing up and celebrating Christmas with my family and the sadness that comes with loss. Either way, they are memories of meaning, and I hope that this holiday season, you will also be touched by the many memories that bring meaning to your life.

points of interest

Clusters of up to 10, strongly fragrant, glistening white flowers with small cups appear winter to early spring. Strap-shaped leaves are mid-green, keeled and upright. Stems are thick. Paperwhites are considered Division 8 (Tazetta) among the 13 daffodil categories, due to their smaller flowers and other characteristics. Great cutflower, suitable for planting in between shrubs, perennials in a border garden or for forcing indoors, where not hardy.

general care

Plant bulbs in autumn, where hardy, with 3” of soil above bulb. Grows best in moderately fertile, moist, well-drained soil. To force, place bulb in bulb vase or jar with stones. Fill with water to the root area without submerging. Place in a sunny location and enjoy blooms in four weeks.

friday’s flower fact

Replacing water with 5% alcohol water mix, after roots have established, will stunt growth of leaves and stems but not flowers, so that fully grown Paperwhite Narcissus will not topple over.

Common Names | Paperwhite Narcissus
Botanical Name | Narcissus papyraceus
Family | Amaryllidaceae
Type | Bulbous perennial
Origin | S. France, S. Spain, N. Africa
Zone | 8-11
Flower Height | 14”
Flower Diameter | 1/2”

photographed @

Wilton, CT

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