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Wednesday's Flower

Pink Rival Amaryllis

Wednesday's Story

Happy New Year..!

It’s time to start a new chapter, believe and bloom. Let this flower be a talisman of the grace and beauty that this life is waiting to unfold. Wishing you a healthy and exciting New Year!

…And don’t forget to scroll down to see the cutting room floor and what happens with the beauty of a new chapter/bloom unfolding.

points of interest

Produces one or multiple stems bearing 4-6 bright pink, open funnel-shaped flowers in 4-6 weeks. Leaves are strap-shaped deep green, appearing during or after flowering. Grow as a house plant where not hardy or in a warm greenhouse. In warmer areas, grow in a border or container.

general care

Plant bulbs with the neck and shoulders above the soil surface. Start in autumn, providing bottom heat while roots are developing. Place in full to bright filtered light and water sparingly until rapid growth begins. After flowering, remove stems and feed every 2 weeks with balanced fertilizer for 3-5 months while foliage grows. As foliage matures, water less and allow to dry out and go dormant for 8 weeks before topdressing and watering again.

friday’s flower fact

If you would like to delay flowering of the Pink Rival Amaryllis for a holiday display, keep budded plant at minimum temperature, away from full light.

Common Names | Pink Rival Amaryllis
Botanical Name | Hippeastrum ‘Pink Rival’
Family | Amaryllidaceae
Type | Bulbous perennial
Origin | Hybrid from Central and South America
Zone | 14-15
Flower Height | 12-14”
Flower Diameter | 4-6”

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Wilton, CT

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cutting room floor

Varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from bud to full bloom

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