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My office is a very personal space for me. It’s a space that motivates me, encourages me, and inspires me. I have spent many days in clients’ offices, too, and have not always felt so inspired. I’ve been to corporate offices that are football fields of cubicles under fluorescent lighting. I’ve both worked in them and spent many days wondering how to make such a space inspiring.

I thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could put a bouquet of flowers on every desk!

I decided that if my work space was a small cubicle, I would save up my pennies each week to have a fresh bouquet of flowers on my desk, or even just one flower in a single vase. And then I thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could put a bouquet of flowers on every desk! Obviously, that was a not something I could financially afford. So, I pondered … what if I could deliver a flower every week to each person’s digital desktop? In that moment, I knew that was something I could do. I could create a backdrop, or wallpaper, a bouquet or a single flower to offer a moment of beauty and a connection to nature. I wanted to create ‘a moment of beauty just for you’ and that would hopefully then create many more moments throughout the week that would give each of us a break from the hectic life we all seem to lead.

Then I realized, why should it stop there? I knew that I would want to offer more, and from this the Cutting Room Floor was created to be posted on Saturday mornings for … a window into the varying perspectives of Wednesday’s Flower from my lens, and this has lead to our free membership offering.

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Now, come join me on this journey for free by clicking to sign up for your membership.  A journey of flowers, beauty, grace, and adventure await – and every Wednesday and Saturday, a moment just for you.

Please share with me below what one thing you could add to make your space more inspiring?

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2 thoughts on “A BOUQUET ON EVERY DESK…

  1. I used to do just that for myself, I would go and buy one flower and sit it on my desk and it was in the view so that everyone could see it. It felt good to share that beauty with my coworkers.

    1. That’s so awesome you would do that for yourself and share that with others. Have you bought a flower(s) for yourself lately?

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