My Irrational Fear Of Bees

Yes, I’m a photographer who spends hours upon hours photographing flowers outdoors, is passionate about flowers, has a website all about flowers, and…I am seriously afraid of bees.

I have squealed like a small child and run in the other direction from that “scary” buzzing noise.

I’ll easily admit that I, myself, think it’s ridiculous how I react to a bee as they buzz by me. There have been many times that I have squealed like a small child and run in the other direction from that “scary” buzzing noise. Though I feel even more embarrassed when a humming bird comes zooming by my head, and I totally freak out thinking it’s the largest bee in the world. By the time I calm down, I can only laugh at myself and hope that the next time I won’t react so frantically; a work in progress.

While on a flower shoot at The Huntington Library and Botanical Garden in San Marino, California, I came across a tall tree overflowing with large clusters of soft pink pompom flowers hanging from it. This tree reached over two stories high. Its flowers had the aroma of a freshly baked cake and it attracted, what seemed like to me, every bee within a 60 mile radius. With all of these bees buzzing around, I found it was a challenging decision for me: photograph this flower and maybe risk embarrassing myself in front of anyone in the area or miss the opportunity to shoot this lovely pom-pom of a bloom. I decided I could not pass up its beauty. I braved the next hour and a half photographing it as bees were truly flying all around and even bumping into and bouncing off of me, and I did everything I could not to run far, far away.

When I finally finished my shoot, I could truly feel how exhausted my body was from suppressing my fear and staying calm. Fortunately for me, the other flower I photographed that day wasn’t nearly as attractive to bees. Phew!

Share with me below if you too have a fear of bees, or share with me one of your fears and how you looked it right in the eye.

Tropical Hydrangea

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Tropical Hydrangea. Photographed @ The Huntington.

Floating Petals

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