There are many wonderful aspects to being in this flowering world and one of them is gardening and the tools we use. So I thought I would share some of my favorite gardening tools and hope you will share with me your favorite gardening tools in the comment section below.


Some of My Favorite ToolsKOREAN HAND HOE

The Korean Hand Hoe (also known as the Ho-Mi) is an awesome tool I learned about at a Mettowee Mill Nursery workshop a few years ago. It truly has become my go-to tool in the garden. Its shape and sharp edges makes it useful for a number of jobs: digging holes, weeding, trenching, and cultivating.


Some of My Favorite ToolsCUTTERS

Felco makes my favorite cutters. Felco is a well-known brand and there is a reason for this: they are reliable, don’t rust, sharpen really well, and last forever (as long as you don’t leave them somewhere in the garden).


Some of My Favorite Tools


Joyce Chen makes the most wonderful scissors for cutting flowers and not only are they great for cutting

flowers they are perfect for the kitchen too. I have two pairs, one in blue for my flowers and one in yellow for the kitchen (they come in red and white, too).


Some of My Favorite ToolsGARDENING GLOVES

I have not tried all of the gloves out there, but that’s because the gloves I have are the best gloves that I could ever imagine having. The West County gloves breathe really well, they come in many wonderful colors (purple, green, and orange are three of my favorites), they are durable and wash up incredibly well, which is very necessary when it comes anything I wear in the garden. Even though they breath well, on a cold, windy day when planting bulbs they keep your hands warm too.



Actually, this shovel the Trupper Tru Pro Round Point, is on my wish list. I use one a lot in my garden but often both my husband and I need it at the same time, so maybe Santa will deliver one to me (hint, hint, Jimmy).


Please share with me your favorite gardening tools, as I am always looking for another great tool to have.


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