Martha Stewarts Garden in the Berkshires

As you know from my website, my passion is photographing flowers* and sharing them with you. I find the flowers I photograph in both my garden and cutting garden, along the road and in meadows, and in friends’ gardens. I also plan special trips to visit the many beautiful botanical gardens and arboretums all over the country.

Tomorrow’s flower is from the Berkshire Botanical Garden in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The Berkshires are well known for a variety of good reasons as there is so much to enjoy in the mountains of western Massachusetts. From the Berkshire Botanical Garden to Tanglewood, with its international reputation for music festivals, to the delightful town of Lenox which has everything you could ever want: delectable food, great walking, shops of all kinds including my favorite kind, an independent bookstore that also has a wine bar (untried to date but very tempting). And yes, for the yoga enthusiast Kripalu is nearby too.

The featured photo above from the Berkshire Botanical Garden is a small rendition of a traditional cottage garden created by guest gardener Martha Stewart and her team for the BBG’s 75th anniversary in 2009. The charming shed has a slightly pitched roof covered with natural moss. It is surrounded by a playful mix of flowers, both heirloom varieties and modern cultivars, of differing heights and textures, with subtle transitions of colors all nicely tied together with a rustic low-lying fence.

This is just one small space in this lovely botanical garden. There is so much to explore there that I look forward to going back every year. A visit to the bookstore is a must, and next time I plan to sample their wine bar.

Please share with me your favorite botanical garden or arboretum as I would love to add it to my list of places to visit and photograph.

*All images on are photographed by me with the exception of the Free Bouquet of Flowers page as I am not always able to deliver the flowers in person.

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  1. One of my fondest memories of growing up in Western NY was the Niagara Falls botanical garden. In the midst of a cold and dark winter we could enter there and be in a warm and humid tropical rainforest. I particularly remember playing hide and seek amid the lush foliage. A true sanctuary!

    1. Botanical Gardens really do transport us to another world and give us an opportunity to explore places like the desert or the tropical forest that we may have never experienced before, and best of all it gives us a chance to escape, especially in the middle of winter.
      And love that you used to play hide and seek amid the lush foliage. The perfect hiding place.

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