Cool Crayon Mix Zinnia

I have a big smile on my face as I write this post, as I just came in from picking my first bouquet of flowers from my cutting garden! I’m delightfully surprised with how this first bouquet came together. It’s not a bouquet of a florist design and high-end flowers by any means, but it is a bouquet of simplicity and delight, as all I had to do was walk out my back door with my Felco cutters and a mason jar filled with cool water, and I felt the therapy begin.

The bouquet I cut is made up of three flowers: the annual Bachelor Buttons which come in white, pink, and purple; the Chamomile have a yellow center and white petals; and the Zinnia are in assorted shades of pink. In creating the bouquet, I was able to cut the Bachelor Buttons at different lengths, filling it in at varying heights. The Chamomile added bright dots of yellow and white and was the perfect filler with a touch of whimsy. And I always love Zinnias, which filled in the center of the bouquet.

To finish off the bouquet I tied raffia around the top of the jar in a bow, and I used a small clothes pin attached to the raffia to hold my notecard.

My bouquet is not fancy, but I’m looking forward to sharing it with someone special. Truly what great therapy a garden gives.

Please share with me your thoughts on creating or receiving a hand picked/cut bouquet.

Cutting Garden Bouquet

my cutting garden update august 17th | My Nigella are starting to bud, and I only wish I had planted more, but I will look forward to doing that next year. A few Dahlias have started to blossom and there’s lots of action on the trellises with Sweet Peas, Morning Glories and Passion Flowers all creeping along, though I’m still waiting to see some blooms.

Featured Images: Cool Crayon Mix Zinnia

Floating Petals

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