As I Am Aug 25, 2015
Cool Crayon Mix Zinnia

We were recently in Maine on a few days vacation to celebrate my birthday. It was as a hostess was seating us at our table one morning that I noticed the tattoo on her foot: ‘As I am’. I thought it was a powerful statement. A statement not of complacency, but of a strong belief in one’s self and a reminder to myself to have acceptance of where I’m at this moment. Maybe it’s a strong, brave moment or maybe it’s a moment of tears, but it’s a moment, and in that I will accept myself as I am.

The wisdom of flowers often teaches me this same lesson. Every year I watch as the Japanese Beetles descend upon many of the flowers in my garden. They eat away at the leaves of my Zinnias, Roses, etc, and the flowers accept this and keep on growing, even though they have been invaded. By the time the Japanese Beetles are finished their feast, the Zinnias and most of the other flowers are flourishing and being the most beautiful flowers they can be, not letting the Japanese Beetles affect their course.

So, I have a new mantra, with the help of a hostess and some encouraging flowers: ‘As I am’. I’ll aim to be more accepting of the moment and keep working on blooming, just as my flowers do.

Please share with me what you think when you hear the statement: ‘As I am’.

my cutting garden update august 17th | I don’t have an update on my cutting garden at this time, but will look forward to updating about it soon.

Featured Images: Cool Crayon Mix Zinnias

Floating Petals

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