Sleeping Through The Summer Sep 08, 2015
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All summer long I’m thinking about my gardens outside: enjoying their beauty, weeding them, and thinking about what I can add to them next year. What I forget about are the winter forced bulbs that are on the shelf in our garage, where they are doing their thing: resting and rejuvenating for the upcoming fall and winter. I’m pretty sure I forget about them, as it’s not a pretty shelf: a shelf full of overgrown, dried up bulbs in pots of dirt and old foliage that I could cut off, but somehow it just becomes one more thing, and for that reason, best neglected for the time.

After months of sunshine only from when the garage door is opened and no water, this shelf of clutter changed the other day, as some green shoots started to appear from my Amaryllis bulbs. I had been reluctant for many years to grow this type of bulb, as its beauty made me think there was a lot more to growing them, or that I needed one heck of a green thumb. Finally, three years ago, I took the plunge and planted my first Amaryllis bulb. If you haven’t tried it yourself, I highly recommend it as they are very easy to grow. What’s even more wonderful is how they come back year after year with little effort.

So, even though the outdoor season is starting to come to close, and a bit early this year due to the very little rain we had, I am enthused to think of all of the bulbs yet to be forced…and enjoying them in the upcoming winter months as they grace my window sills by the kitchen sink and bring a daily dose of watching nature come alive before my very eyes.

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