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Anna's Blooms

Anna of Anna’s Blooms is a landscape architect, flower lover, wife, mother, friend, flower grower, gardener, flower arranger, wedding bouquet creator and writer of Wednesday’s Flower facts.

‘Every flower has its own personality.’ ~ Anna Karina Johansen

The day of an event

Anna is a wealth of knowledge and talent. We had the chance this past year to chat about her flower arranging. On the day that I stopped by to chat, serendipitously she was creating floral arrangements for a rehearsal dinner that I would be attending that evening. The bride had requested fresh grown flowers with a light, airy design, and Anna was the perfect one to create them.

mbb 96. 01 centerpiece
This centerpiece arrangement was for a fall wedding. The style is romantic and decadent for a rustic locale. Includes: Purple and Cafe Au Lait Dahlias, Scabiosa, Sedum Buds, Snapdragons, Seeded Eucalyptus.


Her arrangements

Anna prefers to create her arrangements outside in the natural light, but when I pulled into her driveway that morning there were no flower buckets outside to be found as the rain was looming. The fresh cut flowers and vases had to be moved into her kitchen. Either way, I was so happy to be surrounded by her flowers and watching her work. The end results for the evening were lovely and very fitting bouquets for the outdoor reception in a Vermont meadow.

mbb 96. 02 Samantha

This is a bridal bouquet for a bride who wanted small flowers and buds in spring tones and romantic in style. Includes:  Bunny Grass, Peony, Tulips, peony, rose, nigella, baby’s breath, Lisianthus, Lamb’s Ears, Wild Roses, Astrantia, Lady’s Mantle, Baptisia.


Her thoughts on cutting flowers

Prior to my arrival that morning, Anna went out around 5:30am to her cutting garden to select the various blooms. She could have gone out the night before to cut them, especially with the weather report of rain the next morning, but she said after a full day of sun, photosynthesis, and growing, it’s best to let the flowers rehydrate and get some rest through the night. That way they are fresher the next day and will last longer.

mbb 96. 03 spring foyer2

Every spring Anna does an arrangement for this entryway. She love the energy of the Eremurus as the forms and curving necks are fun to compose.  Includes: Eremurus, Tulips, Tree Peony, Bleeding Heart, and Euphorbia. 

Planning her gardens

Late winter and early spring, Anna plans her garden for the summer season. She plants it with the best ability to make sure she has the right flowers in bloom for each event. Sometimes that can mean doing three plantings of the same flower: one planting two weeks earlier than planned for the specific date, another planted to time with the event, and the third after the event. Nature has all the control, and she can only hope it will coincide with the time frame. And as Anna said, “every flower has its own personality.”

mbb 96. 04 Anna's cutting garden

Field shots of Anna’s Blooms from left to right: Sweet Peas, Zinnias and Nicotiana.  

Kindred spirits

While I photograph flowers and Anna creates amazing bouquets, there is a kindred spirit between us. We both have an appreciation for how magical flowers are, how they touch lives, bring joy and create memories that will be long remembered.

mbb 96. 05 wedding flowers

Left: A beautiful and very natural monochrome cascading bridal bouquet. Includes: Garden Rose, Poppy Pods, Eucalyptus,Jasmine Vine, Astrantia, Butterfly Snapdragon, Hellebore, Deflexus.
Right: This arbor was for a wedding in June. Includes: Feverfew, Peonies and Mock Orange.

Thank you

Thank you Anna, for sharing your immense knowledge of flowers with us and for each set of Wednesday’s Flower facts. Each week’s flower description would not be the same without your flower facts knowledge!

Share with me below: Which of Anna’s arrangements in this post is your favorite?

Cafe au Lait Dahlia. Photographed @ Anna’s Garden.

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