The Beauty and Power Of Flowers

Do you love gardens and flowers as much as I do? I get so much joy from planning, planting and watching flowers grow, and I absolutely love to share the beauty and power of flowers through my floral photography and reflections.

I love the full-length stories (with lots of glorious photography) on plants, gardens, and design ideas to put to use.

In regards to gardening, I’m amazed at how much there is to learn and all the various aspects of gardening. I’m constantly in awe of it all. I can never get enough, and fortunately for me, there will always be more to learn.

There are many ways I keep learning about gardening: planning and working in my own gardens, Anna of Anna’s Blooms who educates us with each week’s flower facts, all the many books about flowers and gardens, and my most favorite (which I have a slight addiction to): magazines. I love all of the visuals and inspirations that I find in them.

One such magazine that I particularly enjoy is Garden Design. It doesn’t have any advertisements. It has 148 pages (yes, exactly 148 pages) of beautiful gardens, plants, trees, herbs, vegetables and so much more every quarter. I truly can’t tell you how excited I get towards the beginning of each quarter/season to go to my mailbox, anticipating its arrival.Garden Design MagazineMany of the stories unfold over 8 to 20 pages. So you get the behind-the-scenes look at topics you care about most—designing with plants, landscape design, container gardens, kitchen gardens, houseplants, and more. I love the full-length stories (with lots of glorious photography) on plants, gardens, and design ideas to put to use.

Garden Design is offering Floating Petals members their first issue FREE with a subscription purchase. To take advantage of this fabulous offer and start enjoying your own Garden Design magazine subscription, visit or call (855) 624-5110 (Monday-Friday, 8-5 PST) and mention this offer.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Share with me below: What’s your favorite gardening magazine?

Hungarian Blue Bread Seed Poppy. Photographed @ My Cutting Garden.

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